Jan 23, 2015

Closer to the goal (2015 Frostbite Road Race @Yokota Air Base

It might to be so close to the goal (of the Frostbite Road Race @Yokota Air Base. Tokyo. Japan)....
guess from that 20Km sign.
When Rock'r roll sounds were approaching.

Went through the corner, until run beside the band playing rock'n roll.

Woh!! They're playing "Wild In The Streets" composed by Bon Jovi.

So I was so excited, and boosted my speed until my limit, and also raised my right arm against to the sky.

I was trusting follower that here had to be the goal.

...After went through the another corner, I got to know that...

there was not goal even in the air.

I was a man with stunned eyes.

I was going stale, at last, drifted into the GOAL after run 0.5Km after rock band.

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