Feb 28, 2010

Ramen Noodle Vending Machine


"Ramen" is a kind of noodle that popular among Japanese.

And now, surprised to found that I can buy it from
vending machine at Akihabara Tokyo Japan where is very famous place as electronics quarter.

Drop in 5$ into vending machine, and took the canned Ramen noodle. Well heated Ramen was strange but nice.


Adding to say, noodle is not made of wheat as ordinary but KONJAC. KONJAC is made from a kind of potato. So that, noodle have body despite it had been in a soup for such a long time.


Feb 25, 2010

Visiting Temple

Here comes a question.

Which one is me ?

sentDepot Kakupan
You might focus attention on four object, and now begin to puzzle.You need to throw off yours own prejudices. Unexpected object is the answer.


Visited temple for new year's coming. But have been passed several weeks from new years day, only two person can be seen at there.

Feb 22, 2010



Cheap but fun to drive.

This phrase might to be suit for AE86.
Horse power never enhanced performance any more, but FR drive system with light weight body make enjoyable handling.

I refurbished this for rally sprint. Spring, shock absorber, clutch, LSD...and more, changed to parts which made by Toyota Racing Development. Taken unnecessary parts, like rear seat, lost its weight to 940kg.


consumable parts are sharing with ordinary Corolla, so that cost of maintenance is so low. For this reason I could use this car for seven years for motor-sports.
Still now, loving this car, and now looking forward to new TOYOTA FT-86 gonna coming.

Feb 21, 2010


This car is MITSUBISHI GALANT VR-4 RS(E38A), refurbished for rally sprint.

Ordinary horse power of this is 205(p.s.), but subjected to boost up, rising to 250(p.s.).

Drive system is full-time four-drive. So this can have a large traction to gain speed. And for driving is easier than 2-wheel drive, this can be big advantage for gravel road.

All things seemed to be better. But I have one thing to bother. Abrasion of supplies were so fast that cost maintenance was so high.

Feb 20, 2010

Richard Burns 1993 Rally Of THAILAND

He is the most impressive rally driver for me.

The year, 1993, at Rally Of THAILAND, I watched this scene.

At this time, he drove Pro-Drive Group-A Legacy. A long distance before this corner,
he drifted the machine so much hard, surprise to say, with losing traction a little.

Thank you so much. I could have great memory in my life. You're the great driver!

Respect you.

Feb 18, 2010

TOYOTA CELICA (ST165) GT-Four in rally sprint

This is TOYOTA CELICA(ST165) GT-Four built up for rally-sprint.

This car had a problem for private user, because ready-made LSD was not be sold.

So private users had to make that important parts by themselves. This car has a nice looks, but for private competitor it was a much bother.
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